Our Mission


Innovatecrypto envisions to serve the masses in its modern-age fintech solution. We aim to be your go to investment platform with seamless and secure processing methods and with little transaction fees. We strive to stay the best in this industry as we have been doing, and to furthermore make sure your money is safe with our financial decision making.

Our Plan


Our plan is to not only protect the value of your assets but to increase them with our trading desk. Involving professional traders that manage money in high risk markets. This is achieved by strict standards of risk management through technical and fundamental analysis. Our trading operations are always active and around the clock to ensure immediate reaction to movements in the market. Due to our secret and safe management locations we are one of the biggest digital investment platforms moving money around across the world. Thriving on Crypto market.

With the company’s Transparency Policy the Quarterly performances of our Platform is shown here. This is broken into monthly reports which you can simply read by opening the Electronic documents showcased below.


2020 Monthly Report’s

The emerging markets

In our journey We have become more than just a cryptocurrency investment platform, it is a technological advancement of what the new financial industry will look like. It is running applications on the live blockchain network which is constructed in multiple layers that will handle the asset class change that is in inevitable motion. In the modern world today’s global investment platforms are still operating outdated postal style level technology yet at the same time trying to still move huge quantities of money. On the other hand there are investment funds that often try and compete with Innovatecrypto however they fail to catch opportunities on a quick manner, one of the reasons is investment funds often relying on large well known index funds. Now this leaves a large gap for a fund like Innovatecrypto as We are more young and understand the new markets that are emerging.

This is the first blockchain project and investment bank to be developed with mathematical regulation in all aspects of its operation.

Innovatecrypto offers you the opportunity to catch this emerging industry that is yet still in its infancy. We see the blockchain industry market cap can and will be worth upwards into the multi trillions of dollars in the near future. With much growth yet to come anyone that hedges with INNOVATECRYPTO will have made the correct choice.

Our Wallet

We have a fully encrypted wallet that allows people to deposit and send balances within minutes(once approved). The wallet is secured with the strongest  cryptographic hash and doesn’t allow anyone to access your funds as management is only done with your seed keys.
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