How it Works


Creating an account is quite easy, all that has to be done is inputting the correct details in the signup sheet, wait for the verification mail, follow the instructions in the mail to verify account and Login.

Selecting Investment Plan

Investment plans can be found in the “Plans” tab, Go through the plans and discuss with your account manager for further enquiries on deciding the best plan that suits you. After deciding hit the invest button.

Note: Account verification should be done after this stage to avoid delay of Withdrawals, extra-charges or withdrawal denials.


The investor sends his Cryptocurrency(Bitcoin, Etherium or Litecoin) investment to his address by scanning the QR Code or copying the Wallet Address. To do this step you must own Bitcoin, Etherium or Litecoin which you can buy from a trusted site which we will link below. You will then transfer it the (BTC, ETH or LTC) into your INNOVATECRYPTO account by scanning the QR code or copying the Wallet Address.

You can buy it from the common companies that sell cryptocurrency. One of them is the  Coinbase app (link: iOS or Android) or the Coinbase website (link: If you are new to the cryptocurrency industry you can ask for assistance with our live chat on this step. There are also other trusted well established companies that sell cryptocurrency. You may choose the most convenient one and setup your account with them to purchase your Cryptocurrency.

Now once you have sent the funds into your Innovatecrypto wallet you go onto the Innovatecrypto Fund page and click the investment confirmation button and after that click the next button. That’s it. Welcome to INNOVATECRYPTO!

Withdrawal Process

On expiration of Investment plan withdrawals can be made, by heading to the “Withdrawal” tab and filling the withdrawal request sheet and waiting to be contacted by your account manager confirming this request.

Note: Withdrawals may take up to 48 hours (varies with plan).All withdrawals must be made to cryptocurrency wallets.

Withdrawal fees also included and additional documents may be requested for on these requests they only help ensure we are handing out your investments to the correct Party.

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